#WTC is the third edition of the SGU art newsprint published by artists Mint&Serf in New York City. It was released on the evening of September 11th, 2011 at a small downtown hotel a few blocks away from Ground Zero. #WTC is a commemorative issue with artists, writers and photographers reflecting on the state of New York City during the attacks on the World Trade Center, commonly known as 9/11.

Contributing artists include: Clayton Patterson, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, Christopher Johnson, Mikhail Sokovikov, Jason Aaron Wall, Pablo Power, Jason Goldwatch, Nate “Igor” Smith, Gordon Stevenson, Robert Waltzer, Andrei Sokovikov, SKULLPHONE, Jordan Seiler, Michael Anderson, Victor Timofeev, Wyatt Neumann, Jason Goldwatch, and Misha Most. 

Tabloid Newsprint
ISBN: n/a
10.5 x 16 inches

32 pages
Edition of 999

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(Please note that some natural yellowing of newsprint stock can occur.)