This limited-edition zine, christened "Armspray 2000," is a captivating symphony of visual storytelling that delves into the gritty world of vandalism and its raw, unbridled expression. This exquisite publication offers a mesmerizing interplay of archival photographs, seamlessly interwoven with the spontaneous, almost primal scribbles of the artists Mint&Serf and Christopher ‘SAME’ Johnson.

Each copy of this unique zine is a kaleidoscope of images, where the sequencing of the photographs is as unpredictable and dynamic as the vandalistic acts they depict. Every page is a journey into the unfiltered world of graffiti, where the boundaries between order and chaos, creation and destruction, are blurred beyond recognition.This work of art is cocooned within a bespoke sleeve crafted from high-end denim, a relic of a previous artistic collaboration between Mint&Serf and the esteemed suit maker Alexander Nash. This denim sleeve is not merely a protective covering but a canvas, bearing the original hand-painted strokes of the artists, each unique to the individual copy of the zine it cradles.

"The act of 'ArmSpray' transcends the traditional boundaries of art and vandalism, becoming a form of dance, a choreographed performance that merges the physicality of movement with the boldness of defacing public property. The artists' arms become extensions of their creative energy, their bodies, and minds seamlessly melding with the urban landscape. Their spray cans become instruments of expression, their movements creating a dance that is simultaneously graceful and rebellious.This fusion of gesture, dance, and vandalism creates a powerful synthesis that is both visually stunning and intellectually provocative.

The artists challenge us to see beyond the traditional boundaries of art and vandalism, to recognize the potential for creative expression in unexpected places. Their work is a visual manifestation of the unbridled energy and passion of youth, a celebration of the power of movement and gesture to challenge societal norms and conventions. As they move through public spaces, leaving their marks on walls and surfaces, Mint&Serf and Christopher Same Johnson create a visual language that is rooted in the primal, the raw, and the authentic. Their work speaks to the human experience, tapping into something deep and universal within us all.

Embedded within the pages of this publication are original drawings, lovingly crafted by the hands of Mint&Serf, offering a glimpse into the pure, unadulterated energy that suffuses each page. These drawings, delicately bound within the zine, are a testament to the rawness of the creative process, a celebration of the unbridled imagination that drives the artists' unrelenting pursuit of artistic innovation.

ArmSpray 2000 was supported by Montana Cans.

Full Color (4/4) publication printed and randomly bound in Brooklyn by the artists.
Published in English in January, 2024
5.5 x 8.5 inches

58 pages
Edition of 40 (signed, numbered and embossed).
Includes original drawings by Mint&Serf bound into the publication.
Front Cover by Osvaldo Chance Jimenez
Back Cover by Farsh Kanji
Sleeve production by Mint&Serf.
Additional photography by Michael Krim.

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